Home-School Agreement



We believe that students should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. In order to reach this goal, it is important that students, parents and staff at PHOENIXPLACE work in partnership to provide a safe, engaging and enjoyable learning environment for all.

This Home School Agreement defines some of the relationships and responsibilities that are part of such a partnership which the student and parent/carer are required to sign in support of.


As a student of PHOENIXPLACE, I agree to abide by the following responsibilities. I must

  • attend school regularly  
  • arrive on time  
  • attend all lessons punctually  
  • be friendly, co-operative, polite and thoughtful  
  • remember books and necessary equipment  
  • focus on making progress  
  • be fully involved in activities 
  • respect all staff and students
  • always try to do my best
  • always complete and hand in homework on time  
  • always wear school uniform
  • hand in my mobile phone
  • not use drugs, alcohol or other substances and/or bring any such substances on or near school site
  • comply with the ICT and Mobile Phone student Acceptable Use Agreement


As a Parent/Carer of the above named child, I/We agree to fully support PHOENIXPLACE’s Home School Agreement. I/We will: 

  • ensure my/our child attends school every day as required by law and arrives on time
  • will call the school by 8am if my child is unwell and unable to attend
  • work with the school in supporting the education of my child,
  • ensure my child is suitably equipped and dressed in full school uniform.
  • support the vision and values of the school community.
  • work in cooperation with staff to resolve issues and problems that may arise and let the school know of any issues that might affect my child's work, behaviour or attendance.
  • encourage my child to be enthusiastic about learning, provide opportunities for home learning and support homework from school.
  • support the school's policies and guidelines for behaviour and dress code, which are intended to promote the highest standards of behaviour and discipline.
  • encourage my child to show kindness and consideration to others and to always behave appropriately, when in school uniform, on their way to, and from, school.
  • participate in whatever way possible in school events.
  • treat staff and students with courtesy and respect.
  • understand that I will be liable for damage to property/resources caused by my child
  • ensure my/our child complies with the rules relating to the use of ICT facilities and the ICT and Mobile Phone student Acceptable Use Agreement

Staff & Directors


  • Promote high standards of work and behaviour as set out in the school’s aims and policies.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of children of all abilities, developing their abilities and talents to the highest possible standard.
  • Set and mark work regularly, giving students frequent feedback on their progress.
  • Keep parents/carers informed about school matters in general and students’ progress in particular.
  • Provide a caring, safe and supportive environment to promote learning and well-being.
  • Monitor students' behaviour, taking fair and consistent action if necessary and informing parents/carers of any concerns.
  • Help a student to leave school well-prepared to make the most of future career/educational opportunities.
  • Ensure equality for all.
  • Develop greater involvement in extra-curricular activities within school and the wider community.


  • Provide:
    • up-to-date strategies to keep our students ‘safe’ on the internet.
    • parents access to information relating to their child/children via the school website.
    • monitoring of all PHOENIXPLACE network facilities to ensure internet safety for all.
    • relevant content and learning opportunities via our website to ensure each child can achieve her potential.

(PHOENIXPLACE reserves the right to remove, vary or amend any of the content which appears on the school’s website at any time without prior notice. The school reserves the right to administer its own sanctions if part or any of the agreement is broken)