About Us

Ethos Statement


PHOENIXPLACE strives to be a positive, caring, happy learning environment where the character, individuality and awareness of all our students are developed in preparation for adult life.

We offer a space where students will experience achievement, where each student’s academic, personal, social, moral and spiritual attributes will be nurtured.

Our environment is one where students can re-engage and enjoy learning, feel valued and aspire to be the best they can be in order to be productive citizens in society. 

We work towards all our students being healthy, staying safe, enjoy achieving, making positive contributions and achieving economic well being.

Guiding Principles - Aims


Our main aim centres on individual pupil need and building (with students) personalised learning plans to ensure positive curriculum and social outcomes. 

We aim to;

  • Re-engage students in learning for life
  • Develop emotional literacy
  • Improve the well-being of our students
  • Foster partnership work with parents
  • Provide on-site and external course routes
  • Develop employability skills through links with community projects & businesses
  • Offer alternative and personalised learning opportunities

Core Values


We aim to promote equality and tackle all forms of discrimination and uphold PHOENIXPLACE’s core values of;

  • Trust
  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Nurture

And including

  • Success and achievement
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Effort
  • Caring
  • Making positive choices


Redcar Street




tel: 0207 703 7189